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Hive Window or Door Sensor product in-use in the home

Hive Window or Door Sensor


Make your home even smarter and start saving as soon as you walk in with our Window and Door Sensors. Better yet, link them to your other Hive devices to get things working automatically.

A Hive Home user opening their front door with a Hive Smart Door Sensor fixed to it.

Get your home working around you

A Hive customer using the Hive App on their smart phone.

Even smarter savings, without lifting a finger

With Hive Window and Door Sensors, you can create personalised actions that automatically save energy every day. Like turning off the heating when you open a window – or switching off all the lights when you leave the house.

A Hive Door Sensor placed on the front door of a smart home.

Keep an eye on your home

Want to know when the kids are back from school? We’ll send instant alerts to your phone to let you know when someone’s home. Can’t remember if you left the back door open? Just check the app and we’ll tell you.

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