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Hive Motion Sensor product in-use in the home

Hive Motion Sensors


Save on wasted energy and create a fully automated home with Hive Motion Sensors. Connect them to your smart lights, plugs and more to get them working seamlessly around you.

The Hive Smart Motion Sensor inside a living room fixed on the wall.

Get your home working around you

A family in the hallway of their smart home.

Smart savings, wherever you go

Link Hive Motion Sensors with your other smart devices to start saving energy without even thinking about it. Like automatically switching off the lights when you leave the room – or only turning the radiators on when you’ll actually feel the benefit.

A Hive Home customer using the Hive App on their smart phone to view installation guide.

Easy installation in every room

Hive Motion Sensors are quick and easy to install – with no fiddly cables or electrics to worry about. So you can place them anywhere you need them for a fully automated home.

Hive Home customers walking out of their front door.

Peace of mind while you’re away

Get notified of any unexpected movement back home – or check your Event History to see what’s happened over the past 7 days.

Have pets too? Our pet-friendly sensor knows when it’s just them, saving you from unnecessary alerts.

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